Winter Landscape _01

Tree and Forest I was a student belong to a forest ecology in a university and graduate school. I felt very relax and comfort in a forest. It is a reason I was in the ecology department of the university. And then my subject of a print art turned out tree and forest. There are some art works get us exciting but I myself need some make me calm and relax, just like the feeling I sometimes need to go to a forest. I live in a local city in the western part of Japan. We live by the inland sea and mountain forests near our city, not like a megalopolis such as Tokyo. I created my lithograph works introduced hand craft paper in the back side of tree and  forest . I expect it make an atmosphere of gentle color and texture. Black lines of trunks and branches of trees are inspired by Japanese traditional paintings. I combined my favorite subject with Japanese traditional style. I have reached the style after trials and errors.