Simply artichoke flower

At this moment in my journey as a graphics artist I choose a classical letterpress technique such as the technique of linocut. I am consistent in this choice, refusing to acquiesce to the pressure of a chase for innovation at any price. I am not into fashions because my time matters to me and I choose what is authentic and important for my microcosm, what I want to say in my works, to uncover for myself, which means and tools will help me, because this is my intimate expressione. This endows me with the sense of freedom, fulfilment, and being just to my own time and life. In a review to another cycle of my graphic works, titled Psalms, Professor Stanisław Rodziański put such words: “From the earliest days of her artistic life - Małgorzata Chomicz says – she has felt that both the visual and spiritual matter of a picture are equally important. This is where we touch on a problem which is significant in the past and current works created by Małgorzata Chomicz. I believe that this artist, as soon as she graduated from the School of Arts, discovered the essence of the graphic art workshop and made an effort to define the meaning of her works and their message (...). The quest she has undertaken in terms of both techniques and craftsmanship, so fundamental for graphic art, are closely connected with the raised problems and the internal ‘content’ of her works of art. At this point, it is worth recalling the words once uttered by Witold Lutosławski: ‘... the principal matter in music is not ‘how’ but ‘what’. This ‘how’ is necessary – said Lutosławski – but the message is most important. And it is the message that we are waiting for.” Now, the review from which I borrowed the above passage concerned the works of art I created over 15 years ago, and it was written in 2005, but it remains true about my work. Let me repeat after a Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm: ‘Peacefulness is the highest level of hapinness.’
69,5 x 49,5 cm