Silence XX

Silence means internal discipline, which is a path towards self-recognition and spiritual development. It is a safe space, which brings peace and order into one’s internal being. It is an attribute of the sacrum. Silence is a moment of coming to a standstill. In it, I see more and feel more intensely bound with nature. Remaining in apparent stillness provides me with power and energy. Letting oneself be embedded in peace holds the secret of happiness. The time we live through in silence has unique intensity. Silence has various tones and temperature. The sweet and sticky quietude of a July afternoon differs from a fresh breeze of a September morning. I am a great admirer of the works composed by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärta, because silence is a uniquly significant element of his music, and I can see some connection between his music and my artistic output.
49,5 X 74 cm