Silence XII

"To see a landscape as it is when I am not there ... When I am in any place, I disturb the silence of heaven and earth by my breathing and the beating of my heart . " (Simone Weil) With the passing years, I need silence more and more. Silence hangs between the material world and the spiritual dimension of life. It leads to harmony with oneself and, simultaneously, it lets us gain distance from the world that terrorises us with broadly understood noise. I feel alienated from the contemporary culture, which considers silence to be synonymous with loneliness and death. I feel a bond with the tradition of Eastern religion, which is rooted in the transcendental meaning of silence, its mystical and spiritual aspect. In the Christian monastic tradition, in Hinduism and in Buddhism, silence is inscribed in the practice of meditation. In my graphic pictures I attempt to come closer to gaining an insight into their nature. I observe structures, softness and light in the nature that surrounds me. Sounds of light spotted in an Italian landscape, strings of light hidden in a forest stream. The pulsating life and an Artery. The cycle of the linocuts is accompanied by graphic works made by metal techniques, which I fell in love with in the early days of my career as a graphic artist and which have been with me throughout all my artistic life. I am deeply in love with the beauty encolsed in traditional graphic techniques and the purity of their craftsmanship. At this moment in my journey as a graphics artist I choose a classical letterpress technique such as the technique of linocut. I am consistent in this choice, refusing to acquiesce to the pressure of a chase for innovation at any price. I am not into fashions because my time matters to me and I choose what is authentic and important for my microcosm, what I want to say in my works, to uncover for myself, which means and tools will help me, because this is my intimate expressione. This endows me with the sense of freedom, fulfilment, and being just to my own time and life.
49 X 69 cm