Silence XI

Silence inscribes itself into the rhythm of my work. In silence I weave the light of my graphics. From the depth of the blackness of a linocut matrix I extract light with the help of small points or fine lines. I work with precision, for example using the point linocut technique, which requires discipline, patience, concentration and time. There is no room for the smallest flaw. Under each point, woven by a fine hammer, point after point, passes a minute after minute, more and more minutes, hours, days, my life, my existence. Graphic art has become a measure of my time. It sets the rhythm of my life. My choice, this type of work in the cycle called Silence, is the consequence of my being consistently faithful on the pathway of light, its mystery, purity and shine. In a linocut I build hues of greyness, similar to effects produced in an aquatint or a mezzotint, the two techniques which I have felt close to for years. My artistic career is mostly a ‘metaphysical’ journey. I compare cutting consecutive matrices to meditation. In my study, which I call my cell, being separated from the rest of the world, leaning over a matrix, I contemplate over another work of art. ‘A certain brother came to Scetis to see abba Moses, asking him for a word. And the old man told him: Go and sit in my cell, and the cell will teach everything.’ * * The Apophthegmata Patrum (Sayins of the Fathers), V. 1 Gerontikon. Wydawnictwo Tyniec, Kraków 2007
49,5 x 69,2 cm