Loaded Beauty

• Loaded Beauty • is to put it simply, 'loaded'. In some ways a companion or 'echo' piece to an earlier work entitled • Coded Beauty •, both share some imagery and pictorial features. •Loaded Beauty• however positions what recurring elements there are within a quite new pictorial context and framework, and which is characterised by a tighter, more constricted space ... making, in turn, for more of a 'load' and an altogether quite different outcome. Using woods sourced in Japan, the central, roughly circular-shaped 'heart' of the image is printed from cut log-ends ('maruta' • 丸太) of Japanese cedar ('sugi' • 杉), with the adjacent and surrounding components printed from various ply & veneer woods, cut and fitted accordingly. All printing was done by hand, utilising a hand-held 'baren', and without any printing press.
38cm x 57cm