White Cloud N°3

In my artistic work in the field of painting and printmaking, I focus on contemporary landscape representations. They are based on detailed observation and analysis of terrain and vegetation, spatial structures and cloud formations. Most of the landscape is captured on the one hand in it’s totality, on the other hand a thoughtful composition is added to the vision and experience. The visual design is based on a sophisticated deep grid that takes the eye to walk over the vast landscape towards the end of the horizon. Light and colors create a dialogue between the earth and the sky. This field of tension between the reproduction of nature and artistic staging oscillates between reality and ideality. By combining pictorial elements with graphic elements, I want to add a contemporary and innovative character to the depiction of landscape, subject treated for centuries in history of art. Technique: silkscreen in three colors (opaque white, transparent white and black) on printed light gray paper glued on vat paper, chine collé
50 x 60 cm