The Crying Game 24

The Crying Game 24, Where to? plate size 20x25cm, paper size 38x43cm A woman is, totally alone, paddling on a raft at sea. Around her people, a child, a man and several objects, a chair a colander all kind of home life debris, is falling down. The raft is so small that there is just enough space to sit down and to make it worse spikes stick out of the wood which makes it painful for her to move. On the raft is a birdcage with her singing bird in it and a framed photograph of her family, this is all of her possessions she could take with her. She stares straight ahead, not knowing where she is going but just leaving her world, which is falling apart behind her. This is how it feels to be a refugee. This print is part of the Crying Game series, for full information on this portfolio please see The Crying Game Book:
20x25 cm
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