Apples around in the air

Serial No. 1077004 / ed. 100 / Technique: copper engraving by burin / plate size: 35 x 23.5cm / sheet size: 55 x 35 cm / paper: Gampi (very thin traditional Japanese handmade paper) on Velin Arches 250g/M2 / total engraving hours: 297 hours / Engraved on Jun 4 to Aug 24, 2016 / Note: technique “copper engraving by burin” is the oldest technique of printmaking. It is the process to engrave lines directly on the surface of metal plate by hand with burin (engraving tool with sharp edges) without any chemical process like “etching”, though it belongs to the same Intaglio category as “etching”. The most famous historical artist of this technique is Dürer
35cm x 23.5cm
Taille douce