Half Light

From the immaculate, I determine to trace back to the precarious. The allusive state of seeing and not yet seeing. Things that were but are now no longer. Or have they ever been?A fraction lighter or darker represents the literal of seeing, and the depth of knowing. The fact not knowing what you are seeing becomes unimportant in comparison to peering through layers of the (in)visible. In ‘Half light’, it was from my realization that my body is equivalent to an opaque matter, pitch dark on the inside. The black pupils which I have, are ironically recipients for the infiltration of light. My eyes are the window that receives this external brightness. Though it seems to enter into my being, it never physical lit up the internal compartments. Yet, I/ we feel a sense of enlightenment and a self-deduced form of knowing. The visual introduction of light/whiteness awakes, clears, opens.
56 x 76 cm